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Follinique: A Woman's Best Friend in the War on Hair Thinning

Follinique is an over-the-counter hair regrower that works when all other formulations in the market have given up. The secret behind this amazing product is minoxidil, which at just two-percent composition in Follinique is enough to restore hair follicle production in as little as four weeks. This means that the user can go on with her active lifestyle of shampooing, hair drying and hair styling.

In other words, there are no inconveniences associated with using Follinique.  The product just needs to be applied on the hair follicles two times a day and life goes on as usual. The usual problem with using products similar to Follinique is the messy application and the litany of what needs to be done as well as what to avoid doing.

With Follinique, the user makes no such sacrifices, which are definitely atrocious for a woman who is always on the go. The formulation is intended for females and therefore attuned to the way their hormones work with absorbing the healing ingredients of minoxidil.  Here is the science behind Follinique.

As a topical solution, all a user has to do is apply it directly on a clean scalp two times daily. Having done so, the active ingredient in the medication weaves its magic by reviving aging hair roots and galvanizing them into an unprecedented growth mode. The result is lesser wait times compared to other brands in the same class in the market.

In just a few weeks, those luscious, thick, and wavy locks are back so the user can resume channeling her inner Pretty Woman or Legally Blonde. Follinique does not change the composition of the original hair strand. This means that for someone who has curly hair, the lock retains its natural characteristics.

Hence, no need to worry about ending up with brittle or hard hair. With using Follinique, it's not like going to the salon and having one's hair straightened with a chemical agent that sucks the life out of those precious locks. So no worries, women can rest assured that they get their original hair back minus the excess baggage of unwanted side effects.

So what else can one ask? With a product so reasonably priced and tested to work 59 percent of the time over an eight-month period, women have the power to regain what they have lost through years of coiffure wear and tear.  Apparently, there are no radical results. Just hair growing back slowly but surely while the female of the species goes through her daily routine without having to change or give up anything.